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Atomic Fireballs 140ct. In Plastic Jug, 44.8oz.

Atomic Fireballs 140ct. In Plastic Jug, 44.8oz.






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Atomic Fireballs 150ct. In Plastic Jug (12.8 OZ. total / 1270 g total): A single grain of surgar is the start of every FireBall. The sugar is whirled with melted sugar until it snowballs to the right size of the Atomic FireBall Candy. Nello Ferrara, the son of Salvatore Ferrara, created the famous Atomic FireBall in 1954. At this time in his life he had the idea to develop a spicy candy. When the FireBall was presented to the candy industry, the capacity at Ferrara Pan was limited to 200 cases per day. Within three weeks of sending samples of FireBalls to Ferrara Pan brokers, orders were rolling in at a rate of over 50,000 cases per day, far beyond the capacity Ferrara Pan could handle at that time. The Atomic FireBall gained world-wide recognition shortly after the product was introduced. The round, spicy, hard candy that was once a dream, had become a success. An estimated 15 million fireballs are consumed per week by people all over the world and the number continues to grow. Ingredients: Sugcrose, Food Starch, Gum Acacia, Artificial Flavor, Carnauba Wax and Red Coloring. Brand: Atomic Fireballs
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