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Amazon Triple Peppers, 12.5oz.

Amazon Triple Peppers, 12.5oz.






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Amazon Triple Peppers - 3 Colorful Layers of Peppers in a Glass Jar (12.5 FL.OZ. / 377 ml): Columbus changed the culinary world when he discovered chili peppers in the Americas. In this bottle is a pungent taste of history because every species of chili originated in our Amazon Basin. Here is a colorful mis of great Columbian peppers in vinegar from the worlds hottest Orange Habanero Peppers (Capsicum chinensis), to the freshly aromatic and spiced Green and Red Amazon Peppers (Capsicum frutescens). This is the perfect gift for the kitchen or decoration. Our Vinegar is ideal for salads and our peppers chopped into pieces (hot.) are coveted by serious chefs. Ingredients: Peppers, Vinegar and Salt. Brand: Amazon Hot Sauces
Amazon Triple Peppers, 12.5oz.
Our Price: $6.49
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