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357 Mad Dog Hot Sauce, 5oz. - Click to enlarge

357 Mad Dog Hot Sauce, 5oz.

357 MAD DOG Hot SauceTM This killer sauce is packing 357,000 scoville units of heat. One hit will blow you away! We blend Chile extract, fresh Habanero peppers, 160,000 scoville super Cayenne peppers, garlic and onion to makes a sauce that can truly take your breath away. Mad Dog 357 is the hottest hot sauce ever made......any hotter and it can't be called a sauce! 5 oz.

Customer Reviews
Logan Jackson (8-31-2005)
This is the hottest freakin' hot sauce ever! It will make your face burn. One drop will make you want to die for hours.
randy (12-24-2005)
dangerous stuff
Les Thomas (12-22-2005)
It's ok,if you don't mind a flamethrower in your mouth!
Christina Villanueva (10-28-2005)
This truley is the hottest sauce and or thing i have ever had in my whole life. i really thought my ears were going to melt!
Theropod (1-1-2006)
Found this one at hot sauce world. I've finally met a sauce that's stronger than ME!
Ernesto (1-5-2006)
Landon (1-3-2006)
Sweet holy mother of god, I had to drink a half gallon of milk in 20 minutes to keep from crying like a sissy girl. The first minute was the worst, I thought about getting my last rites read to me.
Cory (1-18-2006)
WOW! It is hot!
isaac (1-18-2006)
in pain for 30 minutes, hottest sauce ever.
Trevor from South Africa (1-18-2006)
This is the most wicked sauce i've tasted. I havn't found a hotter one on SA.
Neal (1-17-2006)
One drop will have you crying for momma. This sauce is hotter than the pits of Hell.
BigCat (1-15-2006)
Be forewarned - this is a serious sauce for only the craziest. I unwittingly tried some on a pork roast and I honestly couldn't breath for the first 10 seconds. I won't touch this stuff straight up without diluting it.
ryan (1-12-2006)
so dam hot you want to kill yourself, this sauce will make you tear and turn red. I recomend this sauce only as a torture device.
Rowan Nicholas (5-21-2006)
Singed my nose hairs. Hot Sauce World Rocks!
BigDaddyPepperHead (4-11-2006)
Only the hardest of the hardcore pepper heads need apply! Imagine a nuclear fireball in your mouth and you are only close to approximating the heat. This is the MAC DADDY of hot sauces!
Eva from NY (4-24-2006)
i tried a tiny taste and was chewing on ice for about an hour afterwards! tried it at primanti bros. in ft lauderdale florida
machen (4-29-2006)
i took a near full shot glass full of this and saw my life flash before my eyes. burning like ive never experienced. led to queasiness and a shit of doom the next day. truly an experience.
Hank the Hammer (4-29-2006)
i had this at Firehouse Subs today... hottest stuff EVER. you gotta try it.
Dan (5-4-2006)
This sauce is much hotter than the 357,000 units leads you to beleive. A great flavour enhance, I love it on a burger.
Corey (5-8-2006)
So hot it will make you slap your mother in-law
kamezzle13 (5-26-2006)
i ate this at firehouse subs as well, dont take these reviews lightly, you will be in pain, no matter who you are. it left me light headed for about an hour.
coty (6-9-2006)
yeah this is pretty hot wat r u supposed to do wit it dang it will make anything to hot to eat i guess u can just torture people
Raymond Herrington (6-10-2006)
Found it a hot sauce world, That I was the Shit, then soon after found out that my balls are not made of Titanium. This is the Hottest thing I have ever found. And I am buying this a X-mas gifts. HeHe.
WD (6-12-2006)
Exceptional heat with a surprisingly pleasing taste. It caused my face to turn bright red and my eyes watered, and that was from about a 1 ml taste.
phil (3-27-2006)
I am asian and grew up on hot foods... no korean dish compares to this sauce... I accidently dropped 2 drops in my noodles. 3 bites later, water blurred my vision, sweat streaming down my face, numbness is streaming through my mouth into my face and leaving behind the quickest acting heartburn in my life.
Nate (2-7-2006)
Try mixing a drop or 2 with 1/2 bottle of A1 or your favorite BBQ Sauce. Really kicks things up nicely. Have your friends try it straight up on their finger or a toothpick, lots of laughs but be carefull...too much will kill you
phoenix (6-27-2006)
it's impossibly hot, but it has the best taste of any hot sauce i've ever used.... it's truly an amazing thing, mad dog is.
Will (6-28-2006)
Don't cook with it either...just keeps getting hotter. Like to take hits of it straight up every once in a while. Takes a LONG time to get over this one!
RedBone (7-5-2006)
Tried some on a cheesteak at the Triton Tavern, just outside O.C. NJ.., I asked for some hotsauce, the lady-tender put down a basket full of different hot-sauces.., didn't I grab the hottest one in the basket!! I figured there wasn't much used out of this 357 bottle, so I tried it.., it doesn't smell that hot.., BUT IT SURE DOES TASTE THAT HOT!!Its good for people who love to test their scoville buds of tollerance. It really felt like smoke was coming out of my ears and you could pop pop-corn on the top of my head! It was worth the experience!
Dude (7-12-2006)
Hottest crap I ever ate. No taste,,,just hot. I will not eat this again. Should be banned.
Adrian (7-13-2006)
I was truly disappointed that this sauce wasn't any hotter. But, then again, I like to slide back and forth on razor blades with my rectum.
Mick from Locust Grove (7-14-2006)
WTF was that!!! I think I just ate an asteroid!! I farted and the chair under me melted!!!
Dave (7-24-2006)
this stuff is insane i thought i was a bad ass when i first tried this stuff because i had daves insanity sauce which doesnt really affect me that much so i poured over a quarter of a bottle of this stuff on my hot dog and ate i about it was insane i later found out this stuff is 6.5 times insane
Karen (7-25-2006)
This wasnt hot for me... you guys are a bunch of whimps... I am only 15 years old and i liked it, but it wasn't that spicy.
Karen (7-25-2006)
Ya! I am Hard Core!
Jester (7-28-2006)
EXTREMELY HOT! One of the guys I used to work with said he'd never had anything too hot. I got him to try this and was crying, sweat was pouring off his head and he bowed out to this hot sauce. Very awesome stuff!
Jeremy A Hall (7-28-2006)
I didn't know there was a page for this sauce, I figured you guys would have been sued or something by now. I took a shot glass of Mad Dog 357 on a dare and I honestly thought I was going to die. I ate so much bread and drank so much water to the point where nothing else would go down so I had to make myself vomit and then continue to 'clean' myself out ... the sauce is awesome but shouldn't be used except for pranks ... I dropped a dab on my lil bro's pizza once ... AWESOME!!!
derek (8-2-2006)
i tried a tiny bit on the end of a toothpick and WOW,what a rush. this stuff is so hot you cant even remember how hot it is without trying it agian.
relpats_eht (4-23-2007)
A word of advice, never take raw 357 hot sauce. I think I will now further illustrate my advice on the hot sauce. I took that stuff at about 9 AM. I recently bit my tongue. I did know this until a bit of blood appeared on my hand from a cough. Not even from the taste. I simply must marvel at the ferocity of that hot sauce. I ate about three mL of it. Yes, it was as if I had just poured gasoline down my throat and lit it, bringing me to the point of tears, but that, that first 10 minutes, those were the easy minutes. After that, for about two hours I was in near debilitating pain as the mucus lining of my stomach was torn away and my innards were dissolved away from within. You know the wrenching pain in your stomach the few seconds before you vomit? It was something like that, only quite a bit more painful, and lasting quite a bit longer. Of course, there was the added feeling intense nausea, for two hours barely containing my self, preventing myself for collapsing in the pain. Yes, this hot sauce made me physically weak, walking down stairs was a challenge. But that still was not the end. Up until now, and I would assume the remainder of the day, not only do I taste nothing, my mouth is dead to all sensation, but there still lurks the feeling of nausea, as if I have the stomach flu. It has been, without doubt, the most painful few hours of my life -- and I have been hit by cars. A culinary marvel.
Ben (6-3-2007)
Yes the hottest I've had.The top of the bottle must have been messed up because I went to pour it on my sandwich and a lot came out (I had expected a couple drops to come with a standard shake, as with most hot sauces) However, this came pouring and COVERED the section of the sandwich that I aimed it at. Still, I had not been terribly impressed with the heat of most hot sauces, so figured it wouldn't be a big deal having some extra on there. So I took my first bite of this 357-soaked sandwich and immediately & involuntarily started making a choking exhale - The people around turned to look and my wife started laughing, but this was no laughing matter - I had swallowed the bite. - My eyes WERE water, I could feel nothing but firery pain throughout my mouth. A little of it had gotten on the side of my mouth which was burning also, so I wiped it off with my napkin. As the tears flowed down, I took this napkin - not thinking about the little sauce that was on it - and wiped my eyes. So now I couldn't open one eye any longer. I made my way to the restroom and washed my hands and face, but it just spread whatever litte bit was on my face all over my face, so my face started getting blotched of red burning pain. I told my wife that we must leave, and we did. The burn went away after about 30 min, but returned about an hour later in my stomach which burned as I hunched over rubbing my face across the carpet. I seriously thought I may have to go to the hospital. Right now it's about 5 hours later and my stomach hurts whenever I stand and my head is starting to feel weird and I feel a little dizziness. Tums seems to get rid of the burn temporarily, which returns about every 20 min, when I eat another tums. I decided to research this stuff and here I am. This stuff is seriously dangerous - There should be a warning for pregnant and old people on it if there's not already, because I'm sure it would kill a baby or and old person with weakened defenses to this sort of thing - I'm still not 100% that I will fully recover.
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357 Mad Dog Hot Sauce, 5oz.