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Ass Blaster Hot Sauce, 5oz. - Click to enlarge

Ass Blaster Hot Sauce, 5oz.

Ass Blaster Hot Sauce. Hold onto something heavy when you splash this Hot Sauce on your favorite foods! Contains capsicum extract. Extremely Hot! 5 Ounces

Customer Reviews
Adam 'Abomb' Dalhed (9-29-2005)
CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have just boosted the economy of the forest/toilet paper business! I hope you are laughing, because we're not! This sauce really lives up to its name! We fired up a couple dozen wings, and pasted 'Ass Blaster' on them as a finish glaze - it's got good flavor, but it put a serious hurt on! It took two days before I stopped burping acid, and I keep hearing that song 'Ring of Fire' when I crap. It's been the same story for my friends too...our stomachs haven't gotten any better since, and it's been 5 days! It is so wrong. 5 stars!
Mr.Can'tSitDown (5-7-2006)
You've got to be kidding me. I thought I could handle hot food but I guess I was wrong. I put a teason in about 2 lbs of chilli and I was pissing out my a$$ for about 3 days. Be careful with this !
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Ass Blaster Hot Sauce, 5oz.