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357 Mad Dog Collector's Edition - Hot Sauce with Gun Keychain, 5oz. - Click to enlarge

357 Mad Dog Collector's Edition - Hot Sauce with Gun Keychain, 5oz.

Mad Dog 357 Collectors Edition now with Gun Keychain - Now the choice is yours between a Bullet or Gun Keychain. Made With 6,000,000 Scoville Pepper Extract. Put a drop of this on your burger and hold on to your seat... you're going for a wild ride.Vinegar,Chile Extract,Evaporated Cane juice,Fresh Habanero Peppers,Garlic,Onion,160,000 Scoville Cayenne Peppers,Spices. 5 oz.

Customer Reviews
Pete from Michigan (11-29-2006)
I gave this to my boss (an Ethiopian that devours anything hot) last year. He said it was the hottest that he has had,but would not share with anyone! He love it.
Doug (6-7-2007)
good flavor nat as hot as i expected,at the same time definitly not for the meek and weak if you want really hot try blairs 3am reserve pepper extract
Phong (6-7-2007)
This stuff is atomically hotter then hell, not for the faint of hearts. This stuff will and can make any grown men cry like babies. Dont believe me? Go grab a bottle, and purchase a casket while youre added too. Straight up funeral sauce!
jeray (5-24-2007)
just took a drop on the end of a tooth pick and it felt my mouth was on fire for at least 20 min it keep getting hotter
Chris-O (5-19-2007)
So my co-worker had my try some of this suace not telling e anything about it. I proceed to smell the bottle, doesn't smell too bad. Get a chip and pour some of this suace on. I am wondering why it is a bit thicker than I expected . . . hmm . . well lets try it. I notice people staring at me as I go to take a bite and realize this is some sort of joke. Well time to man up and show them how tough I am. I'm from albuquerque, New Mexico so this stuff can't be any worse than the
Greg (4-28-2007)
Wow!!!!Very painful in the gut. Mouth was ok but really numb. Inner Ear was burning. Several episodes of pain in the stomach. Good Luck! Don't use it as a joke-it's way too hot.
aram (8-26-2006)
effin hot...this shit...omg..u gotta try it..but it tastes good
Darren (8-26-2006)
I took the mad dog challenge down in wildwood nj, they dipped a toothpick in the stuff and you sucked on it. It was really hot, but after about 5 minutes of sweating, I was ok.
B-stow (9-11-2006)
Me my bro and my moms tried some and we went through 2 quarts of ice cream and 1 loaf a bread, and a gallon of milk and it still didnt help at all
Obes (9-14-2006)
I can eat a handful of Jalapeos without even breaking a sweat, but this sauce brought me to my knees in seconds. I put three drops on a ham sandwich, and it was just unbearable. This stuff would kill children and pets.
Mike from NY (9-18-2006)
I LOVE hot sauce and have quite the collection. My buddy told me about this sauce and got me a bottle for my birthday. I put a drop in a quick snack (Ramen Chicken Noodle...) and I was sniffling and sweating through the whole bowl. This is the absolute best there is. Dave's Ultimate Insanity doesn't come close!
austexed (12-7-2006)
WARNING if you dont like hot stuff dont even attempt this sauce O.K. I had a friend who hated mint candy as he said it was to hot.He wanted to be one of the boys.After one spoonful he screamed like a girl.This went on for 45 minutes while he was in the bathroom running water in his mouth.At one point he said someone please shoot me I will feel better.
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357 Mad Dog Collector's Edition - Hot Sauce with Gun Keychain, 5oz.