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357 Mad Dog Collector's Edition - 600,000 Scoville units - Click to enlarge

357 Mad Dog Collector's Edition - 600,000 Scoville units

Mad Dog 357 - Made With 6,000,000 Scoville Pepper Extract. Put a drop of this on your burger and hold on to your seat... you're going for a ride. The bullet pulls apart to reveal a small tasting spoon. 357 Mad Dog Bullet Key Chain comes with every bottle.Vinegar,Chile Extract,Evaporated Cane juice,Fresh Habanero Peppers,Garlic,Onion,160,000 Scoville Cayenne Peppers,Spices. 5 oz.

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Customer Reviews
Joel (7-11-2005)
You don't know what hot is until you try this sauce. I was panting for 20 minutes.
Brian (7-21-2005)
This sauce is the best... I would recommend it to everyone!
FieryDemon (8-2-2005)
This stuff is about the hottest I will still eat as a sauce. Anything hotter should be used as an additive.
Danon & Marie Cel FREAR (8-15-2005)
you have not lived if you have not tried this one!
insane potato (8-22-2005)
This sauce will scare the s**t out of the devil himself!
Thanatos (8-18-2005)
This stuff had a friend dunking his head in a cooler full of ice water to get away from the heat. A must have.
Pedro (8-25-2005)
This is somethign you don't ever want to mess with. i ploped soem of this on a pork chop then smeared it with a kife. I took a bite and my mouth burst into flames, but thats not the worst that happend, after my eyes began to tear i wiped my eyes. Not knowing i had a glob of that on my fingers, lets just say about a half hour later my eyes still hurt and were red liek the devil himself, but hey i could see better then before lol. pft id do it again.
Poo_on_U (8-31-2005)
As close as you can come to being on fire without being on fire.
Joe Bifffel (9-1-2005)
lost my hearing after after dipping my sandwich in this sauce for over 20 minutes. No drink could take the trip away. Everyone must try this once.
Caliente Compadres (10-10-2005)
The gang at Fat Rascal's in Port Orchard introduced us to this pure masacistic joy tonight--hop abord and take a ride on the pain train!
College Student (11-29-2005)
I sat in my school's Cafe for hours passing out free tries of this sauce with my buddies. Definatly a great sauce to have if you like to pull pranks on people or if you want to spice up your a food. Whatever you do, just don't give out or use too much in one sitting, everyone will either hate you or you'll hate yourself.
Daniel (11-20-2005)
This is the Hotest Sauce i ever taste in my life! Daniel from Sweden
Charles Lunsford (11-3-2005)
this stuff is the s@#t you have to try it.
Gene (1-13-2006)
A co-worker dipped a corner of a cracker in it. Had the man in tears, hunting anything coldand wet.
parker (4-8-2006)
I tried some, and i am pretty much dying right now. Incredibly HOT!!
Nick Roberts (4-13-2006)
This stuff is the hottest F***ing hot sauce. When I tried this stuff I downed a yoohoo and ate an ice cream cone in a split second. Then for the next 30 min it felt like steam was trying to come out of my ears. A lttle droplet the stuff fell on my finger and that hurt in the morning.
William (4-26-2006)
I tell ya i got just a drop of that mad dog the other day at firehouse subs and boy did i go for a ride.Intense pain for 5 min......Great sauce If you are man enough that is!The only sauce on the market that i know of hotter is Blairs mega death.
Brandon (5-6-2006)
All I Have To Say Is I Ate Some An Hour Ago And My Mouth Is Still Burning Like I Just Ate It.. Insain Stuff
Parothed (6-17-2006)
I really like hot stuff. The hotter, the better. I put a drop of this on a corn chip and I thought my throat would close up. My nose started running and my head began to sweat. I was borderline in catching my breath. I don't know if this or Dave's Ultimate Insanity Sauce is hotter. I'll have to use the 'one drop in a bowl of chili' test for comparison. I know one drop of Dave's in a bowl of chili will light you up. But the 357 is definitely better tasting, for sure. This is some hot stuff. Highly recommended for the intrepid adventurer.
Brendan (6-25-2006)
Drop onto your food, and prepare for fire in your mouth and lots of water coming from your eyes....
robert (7-17-2006)
i dunno why i want to do this to myself. this is so hot it get's insane. i just can't belive it!
not needed (7-18-2006)
This stuff is weak I could drink the bottle and it still is not hot
Parothed (7-22-2006)
As a followup to my previous comment,this sauce is definitely hotter than Dave's Ultimate Insanity Sauce. I put ONE DROP of 357 in a whole jar of Prego spaghetti sauce. Holy Funkulation! Hot as Hades! A warning to practical jokers. DO NOT trick people into tasting this stuff. Warn them first. This is some serious hot sauce.
Mug400 (7-25-2006)
I drank 4 gallons of milk after having this stuff and i could still feel it
Ed (8-2-2006)
this hot sauce is hot i did a teaspoon full at a party and i would never do it again and my A** hurt like hell the next day
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357 Mad Dog Collector's Edition - 600,000 Scoville units