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Marie Sharp's Habanero Pepper Sauce HOT - Click to enlarge

Marie Sharp's Habanero Pepper Sauce HOT

Product of Belize. Marie Sharp's Habanero Pepper Sauce is the finest products of its kind. This Unique Carrot Based Blend achieves the perfect balance between Flavor and Heat. Once you try marie sharps you will come back for more.5 oz.

Customer Reviews
TheBattman (8-9-2005)
Actually picked some of this up in Belize in July after having it on nearly everything while in Guatemala. This stuff (Hot) is very good with a lot of flavor. The Fiery Hot that is shown is also good, but very hot. Marie Sharp also makes two levels hotter - and opening them is almost like opening pepper spray - extreme heat.
primal_c (1-24-2006)
Best hot sauce ever, hands down. Great flavor and balance - really livens up almost any dish. Since returning from Belize, I've used it in everything from soups to stirfrys to plain 'ol rice & beans. Makes a killer addition to guacamole.
Jade (1-19-2006)
My husband and I first encountered Marie Sharp's when staying Belize in 2001. Since then we've been hooked - we order it by the case, and can't get enough. There is no greater hot sauce than this!
Belizean Gals (1-5-2006)
If you choose any hot sauce this has to be the one! Totally loyal to this stuff. Have to get it here online or we cannot eat!
Bill Henry (12-22-2005)
I bought several of Marie's hot pepper sauces while in Belize City. The sauce offered here is excellent. In Belize it cost but $1.20US in a super market. At $5.95 it is still a bargain. FYI, this is the pepper sauce the locals in Belize swear by, no kidding. We found out about it at Avis when one of the employees was pouring the sauce onto their lunch!
Scott (12-16-2005)
The absolute bomb! I'm a hot sauce snob, and I'm not easily impressed. I typically make my own hot sauce (easy to do, just blend habanero peppers, garlic, onion, distilled water and a little vinegar), as the grocery store brands are always such a let down. Marie Sharp's delivers where others fall short. Great flavor, nice heat, did I already say great flavor? Who would have figured that carrots could make such a wonderful impact on hot sauce? If you're remotely into hot sauce, buy this, it certainly won't dissapoint.
Airborne Willie (12-15-2005)
I love hot sauce but once I tried Marie Sharp's Fiery Hot, I was hooked! I won't touch anything else.I'm thinking of moving to Belize to be closer to the end product! I made some hot deer jerky with this stuff and a long time friend (and jerky lover)said it was the best he has ever had and wanted the recipe. Goooood stuff!
Patrick (12-11-2005)
This is my favorite hot sauce, hand's down! It has a decent kick to it, but has a base in carrot juice so it's not sour. Sadly my 6 12oz bottles just rain out and now I'm searching the web for it. Highly recommended!
Jack (11-19-2005)
You don't get any better than this. Hot, spicy, and packed full with bursting flavor. For great taste that won't disappoint, you've got to get Marie Sharp.
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Marie Sharp's Habanero Pepper Sauce HOT