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Salsa Lizano Sauce, 24oz. - Click to enlarge

Salsa Lizano Sauce, 24oz.

Lizano Sauce - NO Artificial Flavors or Colors, Lizano sauce is Perfect for Cooking, Seasoning and Enhancing the Flavor of Chicken, Beef, Pork, Fish, Seafood, Rice, Soups, Hamburgers, Sandwiches, French Fries, Eggs, Beans and any Dish in Your Daily Cooking. Made in Costa Rica. 24oz.

Customer Reviews
christine hicks (9-21-2005)
I'm addicted!! I put it on everything!!
Alan M (10-2-2005)
It's the best. Wouldn't ever be without several bottles onhand. A must for tamales, curry and a just about everything.
Amy Lynn (12-14-2005)
This is on all the tables in resturants in Costa Rica. I got hooked and brought back several bottles. It adds a great flavor to tacos, chicken, eggs, and rice.
Cheryl P (12-10-2005)
I first had this in Costa Rica and got hooked ! Its both a marinade and salad dressing at our house. Great stuff, I order by the case !
Dan (11-30-2005)
Excellent and unique. Not very hot, delicious and very flavorful. Almost everyone I've given it too loves it. Great on pasta, rice, soups, mixing with other condiments, and just about anything else. I discovered this on a trip to Costa Rica, and was dismayed when I couldn't find it anywhere in the US. I'm very greatful for this site.
stewart (11-29-2005)
I love this stuff!
Badotz (6-2-2006)
Since the demise of the East Coast Grill's
sickle (6-5-2006)
this stuff is one helluva addictive concoction. it is great on everything. add to burgers and they will be best burgers you've ever made! i think i'll try it on cereal next.
Julie D. (1-20-2006)
Discovered Lizano in Costa Rica also. Great to find that I can get it in the US! Especially great on gallo pinto!
K. W. (2-17-2008)
Absolutely LOVE this stuff! Got some in Costa Rica a year ago, ran out and couldn't find it anywhere - delighted to finally find it! You've got to try it!!!
Sherry (2-3-2008)
I brought back a gallon size bottle from my Trip to Costa Rica, I must have eaten half that much on the entire trip! It's great stuff.
Natalie (2-1-2008)
I LOVE this sauce! I use it all the time... I found it in Costa Rica and brought it back home with me... I'm so greatful for this site because this bottle is so hard to find!
Sandy D. (7-25-2006)
I put Lizano on just about everything! It is that good! I think the cauliflower flavor does the trick!
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Salsa Lizano Sauce, 24oz.