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IL Primo Giardiniera,16oz. - Click to enlarge

IL Primo Giardiniera,16oz.

Giardiniera 16 oz. This Giardiniera was made famous by spreading Over Chicago-Style Italian Beef, Sausage, Meatball and cold cuts sandwiches. Delicious when used over Eggs, Hot Dogs, Meats, Pizza and garden salads. Great addition to hot or cold pasta salads. 16oz.

Customer Reviews
Aaron Whitfield (2-1-2006)
This stuff is amazing. As a new resident of Chicago I had no idea what I was missing -- this is what makes the Italian Beef amazing.
Patti (1-1-2006)
One of the things I miss MOST about living in Chicago. This mix is much more rich and flavorful than any garden mix stuff you might find at the grocery. I order it by the case and put it on everything!
Sharon (2-10-2006)
This is absolutely the best pepper mix I have ever eaten. It taste great on everything and once you taste it, you just can't get enough. I have been unable to find this product where I live, so I took to the computer to try and find it and I am so glad that I did. Thanks for such a great tasting pepper mix.
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IL Primo Giardiniera,16oz.