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Walkerswood Jerk Seasoning, 10oz. - Click to enlarge

Walkerswood Jerk Seasoning, 10oz.

Walkerswood Traditional Jamaican Jerk Seasoning - Hot and Spicy. Your Caribbean Kitchen! Walkerswood is the most popular Jerk Sauce in Jamaica.Scallions, Scotch Bonnet Peppers, Salt, Black Pepper, Allspice, Nutmeg, Citric Acid, Sugar, Thyme. 10 oz.

Customer Reviews
A.J. (7-19-2005)
This Jerk is perfect for chicken, but I like to make a dirty rice dish with it as well.
J.C. Kwak (8-3-2005)
This rub is a perfect compliment for pork ribs and roasts. Also excellent for beer can chicken.
Peter Costello (6-15-2006)
This is the BEST seasoning for marinating quality skirt steak. if any one wants my secret recipe just e-mail me at
jessica (6-13-2006)
I tried this sauce on my chicken stewing it and invited a friend over for dinner he called to baby that was absolutely delicious, i think I'm in love. I said with me or the sauce. (SMILE)
Missy (6-10-2006)
Walkerswood is Totally Awesome, a kitchen shouldnt be without it!
PB (5-19-2006)
My favorite meal in the world is bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs with this seasoning, cooked on a charcoal grill.
Moni (6-19-2006)
Soooo good. Walkerswood has the best jerk seasoning bar none!
Hannah Pearson (10-18-2006)
It is absolutely wonderful. Delicious with chicken.
mike Cortese NY (4-19-2007)
Dos'ent Get any better than this,Excellent flavor with a bang.Chicken babyback ribs pork chops,I personaly go through about 3 cases per year i rate it a 11
Dani (7-26-2008)
By far the best jerk seasoning/marinade. First try, and we are hooked. Best tasting chicken ever. Must try!
Kem (4-13-2009)
WalkersWood is Authentic jamaican rub. Bought it in jamaica and have been using it ever since. Fab!!
Chris (6-16-2009)
Been using Walkerswood for 20 years for my slow cooked 'DaBuss' style whole chicken slow grilled over olive and apple branches. Add dome cold Red Stripes and Irie mon.
Irene (7-11-2010)
Walkerswood is the most authentic jerk rub you will find.
Kem (4-13-2009)
Jerk Seasoning must be used at every cookout.
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Walkerswood Jerk Seasoning, 10oz.