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Denzel's Lil' Smokehouse Hot Sauce

Denzel's Lil' Smokehouse Hot Sauce






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Denzel's Lil' Smokehouse Hot Sauce, This sauce is made from smoked red jalapeno peppers. It's not very hot, but sure is tasty. We heavily smoke the peppers using cherry wood and that smoky flavour goes great with Mexican food. It also makes a darn good steak sauce or marinade. Add some sour cream or mayo and you have an instant dip. Ingredients: Vinegar, Onions, Jalapeno Peppers, Garlic, Salt.5oz.
Heartbreaking Dawn's Nuit En Enfer Hot Sauce, 2oz.
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Heartbreaking Dawn's Mauvais Sang: Scorpion, Fatali & Ghost, 2oz.
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Ole Ray's Apple Cinnamon BBQ Sauce, 1 Gallon / 128oz.
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Hot Bitch at the Beach Hot Sauce All Organic, 5oz.
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