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Blair's After Death Hot Sauce, 5oz. - Click to enlarge

Blair's After Death Hot Sauce, 5oz.

Blair's After Death Hot Sauce - Red And Orange Habaneros, Vinegar, Fresh Cayenne, Smashed Garlic, Chipotle, Pepper Extract, Lime Juice, Cilantro, Fresh Herbs And Spices. 5oz.

Customer Reviews
Michael Gonnion (9-17-2005)
Love it
Roto (11-18-2005)
Perfect mix of flavor and heat.
Brian (11-27-2005)
i use it as an additive for pasta or chili, but great on a burger too (sparingly!)
Takaya Miyoshi (7-5-2006)
Not too sour, and the flavor is so good. Very hot, but still tasty.
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Blair's After Death Hot Sauce, 5oz.