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Blair's Mega Death Sauce, 5oz. - Click to enlarge

Blair's Mega Death Sauce, 5oz.

Blairs Megadeath Sauce! Contains absolutely NO Preservatives or Artificial Ingredients. Red Habanero Pods, Cayenne Chilies, White Vinegar, Natural Pepper Flavor (contains soybean oil) Ancho Chilies, Chipotle Chilies, Molasses, Guava Nectar, Fresh Ginger, Salt, Spices. Be Warned this sauce contains ingredients 500 times hotter than a Jalapeno Chile. Use Sparingly. Not recommended for use without dilution. All Blair's hot sauce are Made With Great Karma! 5 oz.

Customer Reviews
Robert MacKenzie (11-28-2005)
One of the best tasting sauces I have ever used. Not for everything, but I use a drop in many sauces. I do NOT recomend using in a frying pan without MUCH ventilation. If heated up straight, this stuff is like tear gas.
Garty (10-29-2005)
I thought I knew my hot sauces, but tasting this has put things into a completely new perspective. Trust me, this stuff will astound even the most seasoned chilli afficionado. Just one tiny drop is fiery beyond belief.. off the scale and then some, and then some more. If you're used to wussy stuff like Tabasco and Encona, give this a try, and be enlightened!
Joe (12-19-2005)
By far the best hot sauce I have ever had. The heat is perfect and the flavor is absolutly amazing. 10/10
Ray St. Louis (10-17-2005)
Blair's Mega Death is a very tasty hot sauce. I made a chili with moose meat and put 5 drops of this sauce into the mix and it is very good. I was a little disapointed with the heat level - it was not scorching my tongue. However, I put a pin-drop on my finger, and WOW...Hot as the flamming pits of Hell!!! One of my favorites!
ed (4-4-2006)
this stuuf rules if you want to know what hell taste like try this stuff
tony (4-9-2006)
wow this stuff is crazy. my friend brought it to a restaurant and he was messing around with it putting it in peoples food and he poked me in both eyes with it and i couldnt see for 2 days.
Shinobi (4-11-2006)
Great stuff. Very hot when undiliuted. Use too much during cooking and its flavour can dominate the food but use the right amount and you get a perfect flavour and heat combination.
kyler (4-25-2006)
very tastey... it caught me by surprise with its intensity and flavour.... id recommend it for sure... p.s. dont get it in your eyes
karen johnson (5-29-2006)
PLEASE do not take this product as a joke because you won't be laughing. I brought this for my huband not knowing how it would change our lives. We know both know what hot really is. Keep it away from any cuts and delicate tissues the oil alone is enough to cause a hospital stay. But it is the best on corned beef hash!!!!! Trust me, it will add kick to anything you add it to. Just be VERY, VERY careful.
jacon (6-13-2006)
This hot sauce is hot. One drop and was drinking milk, eating whipped cream and ice cream, and soda. after all that i felt like throwing up. THIS IS HOT!!!
pill (7-17-2006)
holy crap
Martin (6-26-2006)
This sauce burns more than two times ;-) OH MY GOD...tasting pure is hell....I never had so much Pain in my mouth before....
Albert (7-11-2006)
This stuff is awesome. I put about eight drops on a taco and that's about all I can take. It'll make you sweat, I've seen it make people throw up. Yeah, definitely don't get it in your eyes. I touched my eye two hours after dinner and ruined my contacts. I even had to throw the case away because I put them back in there. My roommate spent and hour over the sink when he touched his eye.
laine (7-22-2006)
Fantastic heat/flavor use on a steak sandwich or burgers great taste.
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Blair's Mega Death Sauce, 5oz.